Gerer Ma Boite

A Business Platform that gets Results

Connectlime partners with GererMaBoite to create the GO-TO SaaS platform for entrepreneurs, where they can access all the necessary tools to own their business management.

2019, Fintech
Our Role

Product design, Branding, UI-UX design, Web development, Support & Maintenance.

A platform to help manage products, customers, loyalty cards and all accounting transactions.

The USer benefit highlighted

GererMaBoite vision was to create a new kind POS system that stood out in it’s simplicity. The idea was to create an online SaaS point of sale platform, with a register acne meeting the main directives of the NF525 standard.

The application had to be reactive in order to be run either by a desktop computer or a tablet.


Front-end Development

HTML5 CSS3 Angular JS


Dropbox API Revolute API Stripe API SendGrid API

Back-end Development

ASP.NET MSSQL NOSQL Azure Paas Azure Functions

Used Tools

Sketch Adobe Illustrator

A clear, modular system and brand architecture with a bold color palette, enabling GererMaBoite entire brand experience. From brand strategy, to a robust system architecture, every detail was designed to elevate and established GererMaBoite main directives.

The new standard for digital POS systems experience.

The USer benefit highlighted



Adaptable to the circumstances and varieties of business activities.

Easy to use

Usage feeds the experience, changing as a user’s preferences and behaviors evolve


Automated for the accounting system softwares

launched in

~ 8 weeks

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