A Next-Generation
PMS Solution for Hotels

This web application cleans the workflow of small and medium size hotels personnel to help them improve their customer management.

"Simple and inexpensive system for your hotel to achieve exceptional client satisfaction."

2019, Hospitality
Our Role

Product design, Branding, UI-UX design, Web development, Support & Maintenance.

"[...] 4 years working with CONNECTLIME and they became, more than suppliers, real partners of HotelAppz."

The USer benefit highlighted

HotelAppz is a concentrate of BIG DATA technology for Hotels. Connectlime and HotelAppz have developed together a whole platform hotel management: a single sashboard that enables Hoteliers to handle all customer data, communications and marketing activities.


Front-end Development

HTML5 CSS3 React


Apaleo API SendGrid API Mews Oracle OPERA

Back-end Development

ASP.NET MSSQL NOSQL Azure Paas Azure Functions

Used Tools

Sketch Adobe Illustrator

We created a unique dashboard that allows hoteliers to manage all activities related to data, communication and marketing customers, by connecting to multiple PMS, Channel managers and other Hotels. A complete platform that allows Hotel to improve their organization and management.
This is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, which means that the software is hosted by HotelAppz and the hotel can access it with a simple internet browser, in a completely secure way.

A single dashboard that enables Hoteliers to handle all customer data, communications and marketing activities

The USer benefit highlighted



A complete solution, automated and multichannel which allows loading and reporting of all data.


A connection to common market PMS, Channel Managers and other systems


Marketing tools GDPR compliant.

HotelAppz Brand and Styles HotelAppz components and modules

launched in

~ 12 weeks

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